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Doctor Who

2018 Specsaver's Children's Book of the Year Shortlisted Title

WANNABES is part of the Decades Collection, featuring Donna and Ten facing off against a 90's girl group planning to take over the world for real...

TWELVE ANGELS WEEPING is an anthology of short stories, nightmares and warnings from the dark end of the year - a Christmas collection concerning the monsters and foes of the Doctor...

THE WINTERTIME PARADOX contains twelve more stories of foes and festivities, including a long-lost Faction from the show's past. It also has Rory and River eating Christmas dinner during a prison breakout. Because why not.

DOCTOR WHO: ORIGIN STORIES features three of Dave's short stories, revealing the secret history of fan-favourite characters. Out now!

Praise for Doctor Who

The perfect balance between tenderness and humour and terror and imagination - like the show at its very, very best


The comforting yet thrilling vibe of a Doctor Who Christmas special TIMES TWELVE

Deirdre Sullivan

A fascinating tale